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Get a Library Card

Your Library Card
How do I get a library card?

PINES library cards are available free of charge to all residents of Georgia or Georgia property owners. In addition, military personnel stationed in Georgia and those working or attending school here are also eligible for a free PINES card.

Those who do not meet this criteria may receive a twelve-month library card for an annual fee of $25.00 or a six-month card for $12.50.

Bring a valid government-issued ID showing your name and current address. If your photo ID does not show the applicant's current address, bring your photo ID plus something with your name and current address such as:

  • a voter registration card
  • a checkbook with pre-printed address
  • an insurance card
  • a tax receipt
  • a utility bill
  • a piece of postmarked mail that shows the current address

Applicants under the age of 18 must have their parent or legal guardian present to receive a library card. Proof of legal guardianship must be shown if applicant is being signed up by someone other than the parent.

PINES e-cards  are also available. An e-card provides immediate access to all digital resources offered at your local public library, such as eRead Kids, Mango Languages, Learning Express, and much more. Those who want to upgrade their PINES e-card to a full library PINES card to check out books and other materials can bring their e-card account number and photo ID to any PINES library.

What do I do if I've lost my card?

If your card has been lost or stolen, report it to your local library immediately. You must show a valid ID to replace your card. Replacement cards are free so long as the account is in good standing.

Can I still check out if I left my library card at home?

No. According to PINES policy, you must have your library card with you for all checkouts.

How long may I keep the items I check out?
Books, audiobooks, and music CDs check out for two weeks.

Videocassettes and DVDs check out for one week.
How much are overdue fines?

Overdue fines are:

  • Books: 20¢ per day, per item
  • Audiobooks: 20¢ per day, per item
  • Music CDs: 20¢ per day, per item
  • Videocassettes: 20¢ per day, per item
  • DVDs: 50¢ per day, per item
  • Laptops: $5 per day
How do I renew the items I've checked out?

You may renew your items in person, by phone, or through your PINES account online.

If you wish to renew in person, you need only present your library card at the circulation desk.

When renewing by phone, you must provide your library card number when asked.

Laptops must be renewed in person.

How many times can I renew?

Books, audiobooks and music CDs each have two chances for renewal, for two weeks at each renewal, provided that another patron has not placed a hold on that item.

Videocassettes and DVDs have two chances for renewal, for one week at each renewal, provided that another patron has not placed a hold on that item.

Park passes cannot be renewed.

Laptops cannot be renewed; however, once checked in and inspected, you may check it out again.

I've forgotten my PIN. Can you tell me what it is?

We cannot tell you what your PIN is, but we can reset it. Present your card at the circulation desk and ask to have your PIN reset. Unfortunately, we cannot reset your PIN over the phone. If your account has an email address attached to it, you may reset your PIN online. Go to "My Account" at and under the "Login" button, click "Forgot your password?". You must enter either your username or your barcode (your library card number without any spaces) and click "Submit". Your reset PIN will be emailed to you.

What if I have lost or damaged an item?
If an item is lost or severely damaged, the borrower's account will be charged for the replacement of the item and an additional $5.00 processing fee per item.